tea program

We provide tea program for caring your body and mind to clear and relaxed.

meaning of tea and tea life

_ chae-um(filling) and bi-um(emptying)

Tea is a drinking food(functioning of neutralization, assistance, detoxification and release) for minimize harmful effect of a variety of foods according to complicated and diversified food life.

Also, it has effect on Sangsangheoheo(a symptom of unbalance of using upper and lower energy), Sanghabulgyo(a symptom of blocked energy of upper and lower body) and Naeoebulilchi(a symptom of dislocated energy of in/out and all directions).

These days, the meaning of tea is changed to favorite food and formal food.

In linguistic interpretation, tea also called ‘Re’, ‘tea’ means filling and ‘re’ means emptying.

[Tea program]

- Select two teas among Seorojae’s tea collections. Then, we provide Tea confectionery and place.

- We will let you know how to brew the tea and talk about a simple story of tea.

   You will have relaxing time with the guests during this program.

[Schedule and Reservation]

- From August 1, 2022, you can select the time (18:00 or 20:00) and the program is available only for the guests in one room for each time. 

- The program will be held in tea room and service hours are one and a half hours.

- Reservation is available on the text messages and only 2 teams are available in the order of receipt. We provide the list of teas on your reservation.

- Make a reservation at least 3 days ago. The same-day reservation is not available because of the preparation of tea and the Tea confectionery.

- The fee of tea program is from 15,000won to 30,000won depends on your selection of teas. The payment will be made at the check-out service. 

[Tea set and tea]

- Tea set made from the Korean and Chinese artists are provided. 

- You can select teas from big six tea markets or substitute teas we made in Seorojae with the ingredient from Goseong-gun.

A place to greet early dawn dew.