We operate the terms and conditions to provide a pleasant service to our guests.

Please carefully read the terms and conditions before making your reservation.

You will have responsibility for problems from violation of terms and conditions(also notices, rules) after your reservation.

1. Check-in time is from PM 4:00 to PM 9:00 and Check-out time is until AM 11:00. Adjustment of time is not available.

2. 1 car per 1 room is allowed.

3. This area where Seorojae located is at risk of large-scale forest fire. The use of fire-dangerous objects such as lighters, personal burners, butane gas, fireworks, candles and incense candles is strictly prohibited. In the event of a fire, all responsibility lies with the contributor.

4. It is not allowed to take outside all facilities, landscaping, furniture, equipments except supplied amenities.

5. Despite we manage professionally through disinfection service company(CESCO),  It is impossible to block insects due to the location is near the mountain. The refund are not available for this issue, so please be careful when making a reservation if you are sensitive to insects.

6. Please make inquiries via e-mail for extra requests or special events like promotion, marketing, Shooting for commercial or others, long-term stays, reservation for all room, small wedding etc.

7. Seojae does not store valuables for you. We are not responsible for the loss of personal valuables, so please be sure to take your valuables with you when you go out.

8. When using the room and facilities, please pay attention to the safety of individual including infant and a quite environment. You will be responsible for safety accidents caused by your carelessness. (In case of guest’s carelessness, 500,000 won will be charged by the insurance company as deductible.)

9. Transfer, takeover and resale of reservation are not allowed.

[Rules of Immediate check-out without refund]

1. Children are not allowed in No-kids rooms. (Over 14 years old allowed)

2. Excessive number of guests is not allowed to check-in including the number of infant and children.

3. Cooking barbecue is not available in Seorojae. Immediate check-out will be asked if cooking barbecue using personal items inside or outside of the room.

4. In case of check-in of unaccompanied minors and with pets, immediate check-out without refund will be asked.

5. In case of visit, stay or invite of Non-reserved guests, immediate check-out without refund will be asked.

6. In case of smoking, immediate check-out without refund will be asked. Also, there will be additional charge equivalent to the next day's room charge for the cleaning fee.(Except parking lot)

7. Mixed guests of male and female over 3 people except family members will be asked to check-out without refund.(Ex. 2 men with 1 women, 2 women with 1 men, 2 couples)

8. Cooking is absolutely not allowed in Bi-um rooms. In case of violation, immediate check-out without refund will be asked.

9. In case of interfering with other guests relaxing time or invasion of privacy of others(moving between rooms, drinking and dancing loudly, Loud singing, any act of violence, any unlawful act, use of musical instruments, drone shooting, Commercial or Internet broadcasting or art filming without prior agreement), immediate check-out without refund will be asked.

[Seorojae Tea room]

1. Tea room in Seorojae is place only for the guests. The service time is from PM 4:00 to PM 10:00 on check-in date, and until AM 11:30 on check-out date.

2. You can select breakfast service for additional charge at AM 9:00 or AM 10:00.

1. Please check the instructions of individual room on the website on your reservation. And, be sure to read the instructions in the room when you first visit.

2. Each room’s floor is designed with different heights for the separation of space. Also, the bath or shower stall can be slippery due to moisture. When you enter the room, be sure to understand the structure of the room before using it, and be careful not to cause any safety problems.(in case of negligence, insurance company will charge 500,000won as deductible)

3. Absolutely not allowed eating at the bed. You will be pay if there are non-washable contaminations.

4. Cooking barbecue is not allowed inside or outside of room. Banning foods with strong odors (red crab, snow crab, etc.).

5. In Chae-um rooms, not allowed cooking greasy and smelly foods like fried, grilled fish, meat(beef, pork, intestines etc.). If you cooking these food, there will be additional charge equivalent to the next day's room charge for the cleaning fee. Also, If the interior is damaged by oil, an interior fee will be charged.

6. Please use the bath only once due to the capacity of the hot water.

7. During the winter season (early December to early March), the use of open-air baths may be restricted during the cold wave.  In this case, KRW 50,000 will be refunded. 

8. In all bath, pool and sauna, the personal bath preparations(Shampoo, hair treatment, detergent, powder, liquid, solid etc.) and other all products are not allowed. Especially petals, potpourris, herbs can cause discoloration of the bath, clogging of the drain hole, or malfunction. So, in case of violation of this, extra charge will be made for liability for facility management.

9. In case of damage of indoor wall from attaching event supplies, scribble or other contamination,

extra charge will be made for liability for facility management.

10. Chae-um1 and Chae-um2 share water space. It is not allowed to approach or trespassing on water space, and strictly restricted throwing garbage or filth. Special attention is required for guardians with children.

11. For extra guests in Chae-um rooms, Single topper and goose bedding are provided.


- We are provide amenities of ‘Bamford’ a british naturalist lifestyle brand for all rooms now.

- It contains shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion, slippers. You can bring it when you leave. (amenities(250mlx4) are not provided for spare room in chae-um rooms)

- Toothbrush and toothpaste are not provided. You can buy it in the tea room when you need. 

[Diffuser, Gaiwan set, Bath treatment, Tea leaves]

- Each room has a special diffuser and holder unique to Seorojae, and a Gaiwan set made by Kang Gowoon(Pottery artist) is on display. They are not provided as it is properties of Seorojae. In case of damage, loss, or theft, extra charge will be made for liability for facility management.

- Visit tea room for any request on purchase of Diffuser, Gaiwan set, Bath treatment, Tea leaves.

[Fee information] 

1. Detailed fee can be checked on the real-time reservation.

2. Chae-um rooms are kids zone. Bi-um rooms are all no kids zone.

3. Yes kids zone : available all ages(including under 14) / No kids zone : available over 14 year old.

4. Additional charge for extra guest : Adult and child(USD $27.27/1person)

5. Breakfast service(USD $9.10 /1person) or tea class fee is not included in basic room charge.


1. Making reservation is only available on the website of Seorojae for now. Phone or same-day visit reservation is not available.

2. You can make reservation on any date until after 90 days from today.

3. Reservations open for one day forward at mid-night everyday. And reservations that are not open yet cannot be made in advance.

4. If you want to stay more in the same room continuously, please make a request after your first day reservation and we will make a same room reservation continuously even it is not open yet.

5. If you stay in the same room for 2 or more nights continuously, the discount is automatically applied per night starting from the 2nd night.

6. We provide additional towels, amenities and supplies upon your request when you stay in same room continuously. Also cleaning service is done once every 3 nights.

7. In case of account transfer(bank transfer), the deposit must be made in name of the person making reservation in order to confirm the deposit and reservation.

[Standards of change, cancellation and refund]

1. Change of reservation date is same with cancellation. So, it is not available to change on the phone. You have to cancel existing reservation on the <reservation check> on website and make reservation again on the date you want to change.

2. Fee of change or cancellation is depends on the amount of payment. The refund will be made to a depositor's account in 7 days.

3. No show without prior notification is considered as a same-day cancellation, so it cannot be refunded.

4. Personal reasons, external factors or natural disasters which are not attributable to Seorojae are not the reason for 100% refund cancellation. In case of cancellation for these reasons, the refund will be made according to the regulations.

5. If you make a reservation on the "Reservation" (PayPal) : If you cancel or change your reservation due to the nature of foreign currency (site fees and currency exchange fees), only 80% of the reservation will be refunded even 15 days ago. Please make a careful reservation.

[Standards of change, cancellation and refund on reservation]

~15 days ago 14~10 days ago9 days ago 8 days ago 7 days ago 6 days ago5 days ago 4~1 days ago 
On the date of reservation
Refund rate80%80%70%60%50%40%30%0%

6. Credit card  : Please make a reservation at "STAYFOLIO" when you pay by credit card. Cancellation will be subject to the refund criteria specified in "STAYFOLIO".


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